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Friday, 6 June 2014


I'm sorry to say this, but I too busy for blogging. so i'll off for awhile, entah sampe kapan wkwkkwkwk

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ultimate Guitar Tabs


Ultimate Guitar Tabs is your personal access to the world’s largest catalog of chords, guitar and bass tabs. The app is beginner-friendly, featuring chords with multiple variations accessed in one tap. Always stay in tune with the most recent releases – hundreds of new tabs added daily, free of charge.• Huge catalog. More than 400,000 tabs and chords right at your fingertips
• Fresh tabs. Learn songs off all new major releases – app’s content is updated daily
• Offline access. Add tabs to Favorites to make them available even when offline
• Quick search. Get exactly what you're looking for by specifying tab type, difficulty, tuning and rating
• Chords. View chord diagrams while reading chords, transpose chords easily
• Autoscroll. Let the app scroll tabs for you – enable autoscroll and set the comfortable speed
• Music. Learn tab and play along with the actual song from your library
• SD card support. Use your SD card for storing both the application and tabs you saved for offline access
Tab Pro
• Instant access to 150,000+ interactive tabs, similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab
• Multiple instrument tracks available for each tab (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards etc)
• Fretboard view to give you a perfect view of the notes' placement on each fret
• Loop and tempo control to help you practice the challenging parts of the song

Sunday, 9 December 2012

BeyBlade QVGA


Battle against other BeyBlades. You can select many different parts and build your custom BeyBlades, and then battle with them in a quick match or maybe in a tournament. Or try to beat your high score in the arcade mode.

In arcade mode you will be fighting against endless coming BeyBlades and try to get a high score. You get more RPM and points every time you stop an AI BeyBlade. (BeyBlade with high defence recommended).



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Espier Launcher Pro


Espier Launcher is the best launcher for your smartphoneLicense of Espier Launcher, purchasing to enable the advanced features, such as iPhone style status bar, folder intelligent naming, icon rename, and other extensions.

App Screenshots

Koi Live Wallpaper


Koi Live Wallpaper: Colorful fish and interactive water!Watch Koi happily explore their pond! Colorful fish and beautiful backgrounds make Koi Live Wallpaper better than the real thing! Select from 20 different Koi types!
Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, with fully interactive water that supports multitouch. Both tablets and phones are fully supported in both portrait and landscape modes!
Double-tap to feed your fish! Tap a fish to startle it!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle HD


Move to the West Coast and immerse yourself in L.A. gang life with the new Gangstar. Explore more realistic environments than ever for a unique gameplay experience. Complete 50 different missions that combine the best of action games and driving games.
  • A unique feeling of freedom: Drive for miles and miles in massive, open-ended environments. Feel free to complete missions at your own pace, or just do absolutely anything you want!
  • The first mobile game that displays such a high level of graphics: a full-3D reconstruction of an entire city with detailed buildings, beautiful landscapes and impressive cars that animate and take crash damage.